Supporter Benefits

Your organisation is committed to the following:

  1. Encouraging, through various incentives, financial and otherwise, all planners within the organisation, to become and remain members of the New Zealand Planning Institute. Those incentives may include any one or more of the following:

    • Payment of NZPI membership subscriptions
    • Supporting planners to progress their membership with appropriate training leave.
    • Facilitating NZPI members’ attendance at NZPI CPD activities
    • Promotion of full membership as a requisite of key, if not all, planning positions.
    • Identification of a nominated planning champion who will promote planning and NZPI within the organisation.
    • Providing details of membership status of existing employees including those that are potential members
    • Establishing a percentage target of increased NZPI membership within the organisation over the term of this agreement

  2. Encouraging, through financial support, all planners within our organisation to meet the continuous professional development demands of NZPI membership (Please see linked CPD requirements).
  3. Providing NZPI with contact details of all planners employed within the Supporter Organisation on an annual basis.
  4. Exploring the opportunities for the organisation to assist the NZPI and its members e.g. offering to develop potential CPD courses or workshops and encouraging members to participate in the Branch

NZPI is committed to providing the following:

  1. A logo and certificate that identifies it as a Supporter of NZPI
  2. The opportunity to provide input into identification of Continuous Professional Development needs of planners.
  3. Guaranteed early bird discount for both Membership, Conference and CPD events for planners employed by the Supporter Organisation, no matter when booked/paid for.
  4. Discounted advertisement on NZPI’s Jobs Board.
  5. Electronic copies of NZPI’s quality journal “Planning Quarterly” and weekly e.newsletter “Planning Focus” for up to three members of the organisation.
  6. Up to three electronic copies of NZPI’s highly valued annual Salary Survey.
  7. A listing under NZPI’s Supporters section of the website.
  8. Providing a briefing to all non-members of the organisation on how to become a member.

NB Please be aware that NZPI has definitive criteria for individual membership of NZPI and that those criteria (which NZPI reviews and amends from time to time) will be applied without bias for all new member applicants under the Partnership Agreement.