Applying for Intermediate Membership

You are eligible to apply for Intermediate Membership if:

  • You have completed a NZPI recognised planning degree and have at least 2 years work experience in planning.
  • You are currently working within the planning field.

Application Requirements:

  • You need 2 NZPI members to sponsor/support your application; 1 must be a Full member, the other can be a Full, Associate or Intermediate member.
NOTE: If you are already a NZPI Graduate member, you don’t need to complete a new application. Simply complete the ‘Upgrade to Intermediate’ form and we’ll update your status accordingly.

The annual membership fee is $450. Payment is not required at the time of application, an invoice will be sent once your application has been approved.

Intermediate members will have six years from the point at which they graduate and gain employment as a planner to apply for Full membership of the Institute. They can if needed, request an extension under special circumstances. Failure to apply for Full membership within the stipulated timeframe or alternatively to seek an extension will result in a loss of membership status and transfer to the Associate Category.

Acronym - Int.NZPI

CPD Requirements for Intermediate Members

All Intermediate members will be required to undertake Continuing Professional Development in order to maintain their membership status. Intermediate members will be asked to complete 20 hours of CPD per annum.

As a requirement, prior to transitioning to Full membership, all Intermediate members are required to undertake the following NZPI compulsory CPD courses within the maximum four years (but not more than once) that this membership status can be held:

    • Ethics for Planners
    • Planning for Maori Values: Advanced
For further information regarding CPD requirements for Intermediate members, click here.

Download ApplicationConstitution & Regulations

Previously a Member?

If you were previously a member of NZPI, you do not need to re-apply - please complete the 'Membership
Re-instatement' form found here.


If you will be working 25 hours or less per week over a sustained period, you can request Partially-active membership - the request can be submitted with your Intermediate application, please click here for full details.


If you are unable to fulfil the requirements of full-time membership we may be able to move you to Non-active status, please click here for full details

Note : Our financial year is from January to December. Applications received before 31st March are invoiced the annual fee, those received after the 31st March are only invoiced for the number of months remaining in the year. Renewal invoices are emailed to all members mid-January with payment due by the 31st March. Those members who pay before the 20th February can pay the early bird rate (this will be detailed on the invoice).