Professional Indemnity Protection

Protection for NZPI Members

Planning is about sustainable development - about making positive changes that stand the test of time. However, risk is inherent in both change itself and the planning profession. For example:

  • Unclear briefings
  • Poor input from other professionals
  • Unrealistic client expectations
  • Changing regulations

All of the above can all result in project problems and allegations of professional negligence from an unhappy client, who then seeks financial compensation.

To ensure you have the legal and financial backing to defend and / or settle such a claim, the NZPI has asked leading insurance broker, Aon, to secure the most comprehensive and competitive Professional Indemnity cover available.

Aon is New Zealand's largest broker. With 780 staff servicing over 200,000 clients. Its leadership position enables it to provide unrivalled services direct to businesses, individuals and professional organisations.

The NZPI strongly recommends that all working members hold adequate Professional Indemnity insurance to pay for legal defence costs, plus any settlements or awards of damanges that might be held in court.

The NZPI integrated liability insurance programme offers members a choice of Limits for their 'PI" protection PLUS the ability to integrate a choice of valuable additional protections, such as:

  • Internet liability
  • General Liability
  • Statutory Liability
  • Employer Liability

For further information and a no-obligation quote please contact Josh Tuiavii at Aon on 04 819 4150 or To register /apply for the insurance cover online click here

AON Indemnity Insurance for NZPI Members Flyer 02 May 2018 Download