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Regional Coastal Plan – Kermadec and Subantarctic Islands

The Kermadec Islands and Subantarctic Islands are remote groups of islands home to significant natural features and abundant unique flora and fauna. The entire coastal marine area of both groups of islands is of outstanding natural character.

The Minister of Conservation’s Regional Coastal Plan: Kermedec and Subantarctic Islands hangs on protecting this outstanding natural character, while allowing for appropriate access.

Biosecurity, oil spills, and navigation incidents all pose significant threats. The Plan’s preventative approach to manage these risks has achieved several firsts in New Zealand planning, including:

  • Surface water access restrictions using vessel length as a proxy for risk profile
  • Prohibiting the use and carriage of heavy fuel oil
  • A high threshold of hull cleanliness for all vessels.

Key people involved throughout the almost decade-long process include: Sarah Hucker, Senior Planner for DOC; Graeme Inglis and Serena Cox of NIWA; Jim Dilley, Harbour Master of Environment Canterbury; and several lawyers.

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