NZPI Events Policy

New Zealand Planning Institute (‘NZPI’) Events Policy

1. Purpose:

The NZPI Event Policy provides guidance to all NZPI members, event organisers and NZPI employee(s) and/or contractors for all NZPI organised and/or hosted events.

It sets out the risk management procedures to be followed when organising and/or hosting an NZPI event.
It is noted that NZPI events are typically held at the venue of an independent host organisation, often on a sponsorship basis (‘Event Sponsor’). From time to time events are held in a venue hired by NZPI for a specific event (‘Independently Hired or Public Venue’).

If an event is hosted by an Event Sponsor, then the Event Sponsor is the ‘Event Host’ and the NZPI is the ‘Event Organiser’. If the event is held at an Independently Hired or Public Venue, then the NZPI is both the Event Host and the Event Organiser.

  • NZPI will identify an ‘NZPI Event Co-ordinator’ at every event who will be the person responsible for coordinating the event.
  • This policy is to be read in conjunction with any corresponding policies of the Event Sponsor and/or the Independently Hired or Public Venue. If this policy is inconsistent with the policies of the Event Sponsor and/or the Independently Hired or Public Venue, the policy of the NZPI will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

2. Events:

The events to which this policy applies relate only to those events where the NZPI National Committee or Local Branch Committee is the Event Organiser and/or the Event Host. Such events may include:

a. Roadshows and CPD events.
b. Workshops.
c. Presentations/Lectures.
d. Quiz nights and other social functions held at independent hired venues.
e. Christmas/seasonal functions.
f. Breakfast, lunch or dinner speakers.
g. Other social or educational events.

Such events may be attended by both NZPI members and non-members.

3. Exclusions:

3.1 Informal gatherings

The policy does not apply to informal gatherings that may include or comprise of NZPI members.

See Annex 1

3.2 CPD

As part of delivering services for CPD courses a copy of the NZPI Events Policy and the NZPI Anti-Harassment Policy will be sent as part of the individual contract for review and compliance.

See Annex 2

3.3 Conference

Conference will have a co-ordinator in place to ensure all persons responsible for the multiple events occurring at conference, have read this event policy prior and an onsite meeting prior to conference will occur to ensure all are up to date with Health and safety issues for the Conference Site facilities.

See Annex 1

4. Procedures:

The following must be completed or confirmed prior to each planned NZPI Event.

a. A copy of the Health and Safety Procedure of the Event Sponsor and/or the Event Host and/or the Independently Hired or Public Venue (if available) must be obtained, considered and, if appropriate, its terms discussed prior to the event. A record of the review must be placed on the NZPI event file.
b. A copy of this NZPI Event Policy must be provided to the Event Host.
c. The NZPI Event Co-ordinator must be reasonably satisfied that the event can occur in accordance with the NZPI Event Policy and will obtain written confirmation from the Event Host (where applicable) that the event can occur in accordance with the relevant policies and procedures of the Event Host.
d. Exact attendee numbers must be confirmed prior to the event and not exceed the venue maximum.

5. General Requirements:

5.1 Serving of Alcohol

a. Non-alcoholic beverages must be readily available in reasonable quantities at all NZPI events where alcoholic beverages are served.
b. A time for the cessation of the serving of alcohol must be defined for each NZPI event, which should be consistent with any relevant liquor licence. No alcohol shall be served after this time.
c. No alcohol shall be provided to anyone who is underage, appears intoxicated or is behaving inappropriately.
d. When booking an Independently Hired or Public Venue, the NZPI Event Co-coordinator must reaffirm the NZPI responsible service of alcohol obligations referred to above to the venue manager.
e. Alternative transport arrangements must be made available where considered necessary to enable any event attendee to get home without driving.

5.2 Catering

Substantial food must be provided at all NZPI events where alcohol is served.

5.3 Venue Access

Egress and Emergency Evacuation: At the commencement of the event, attendees must be made aware of the access and egress to the building and the emergency evacuation procedures including the emergency evacuation assembly point. The NZPI coordinator will ensure that attendees are made aware of the access and egress and emergency evacuation procedures.

5.4 Emergencies

At least one person must be legally able to drive and have access to a vehicle for the duration of the event in case of emergencies.

5.5 Venue Risk Assessments

Where the event is hosted by an Event Sponsor the NZPI Event Coordinator will obtain written confirmation that an appropriate venue risk assessment has been carried out. Where the event is held at an Independently Hired or Public Venue the NZPI Event Coordinator will ensure that an appropriate venue risk assessment and pre-event walk through is carried out prior to the event commencing.

5.6 Start and Finish Times
The NZPI Event Co-coordinator or Event Host must open and close the event.

5.7 Event Attendees
All event attendees are responsible for ensuring that they do not place themselves or others at the event at risk from harm.

5.8 Sexual Harassment / Discrimination

NZPI’s Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Policy applies at all NZPI events.

6. Incident Reporting:

The NZPI will keep and maintain an up to date and accurate register for the purpose of recording details of any incidents arising in relation to matters covered by the NZPI Events Policy.