PlanTechNZ is a Special Interest Group within the New Zealand Planning Institute. It comprises planners who are passionate about the role of emerging technologies in the future of planning practice. PlanTechNZ aims to bring planning and resource management practitioners together to make the most of these new technologies in the planning profession, and to achieve better outcomes for our communities and the environment.

PlanTechNZ seeks to complement the strategic direction of the NZPI by providing a forum for planners with an interest in the role of emerging technologies in planning to engage and explore these opportunities. This group equips the NZPI to respond to the issues and challenges which arise from the changes resulting from these technologies. Our FAQ page explains a little more about PlanTech, emerging technologies and how this round of technological innovation differs from earlier initiatives such as e-planning.

Membership of PlanTechNZ is open to all NZPI planners, you definitely do not need to be skilled with technology to take part and contribute to the important work we will be doing.

PlanTechNZ was approved by the NZPI Board in February 2020 and was due to be launched at the conference in Nelson. While the conference has been postponed a year due to COVID19 control measures, our launch will still occur this week. PlanTechNZ will provide online launch events and other CPD opportunities as the year progresses. An important part of our purpose is to provide a space for planners to engage with each other around adopting and exploring new technologies. Our events will include workshops and discussion groups around a range of "planning and technology"-related topics.

If you are curious about what the future holds for our profession and/or want to be part of adapting planning to the future then please join us ...

  1. Login to the NZPI website.
  2. Click "Dashboard" (top right of screen).
  3. Click "Preferences" from the drop down menu.
  4. Scroll down to the 'Special Interest Group News' (as shown in image below)
  5. Ensure you click the 'Save' button at bottom of page.

Upon joining the above, you become a member of the PlanTechNZ special interest group.