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The New Zealand Planning Institute gives all Student/Recent Graduate members the opportunity to advertise their availability online, please CLICK HERE if you would like to register your details.

Students Seeking Short Term Position

  • Name: Tyrone Vilmos Deiye
    Location: Hillcrest, Hamilton
    Field of Interest: Resource Consent, community consultation
    Availability: [8th October 2018] & [15th February 2019]

    Really keen on working with resource consents and community consultation as the experience would assist me greatly when I return to my home country, very keen learner and more importantly a better listener.

    [Posted 03 Oct 2017]

  • Name: Cillian Bell
    Location: Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand
    Field of Interest: Environmental Planning
    Availability: 24th October 2017 - 15th February 2018

    I am an enthusiastic individual with a determined work ethic, I believe in making the most of every opportunity and doing everything I can to achieve my goals. I have a passion for the environment, animals and New Zealand. I believe I would be a good fit into any team or position that requires hard work, people skills, dedication and problem solving capabilities.

    [Posted 03 Oct 2017]

  • Name: Etienne Baring
    Location: Auckland, New Zealand
    Field of interest: Community Planning and/or Environmental Planning
    Availability: November 27th 2017 - February 16 2018

    I am a very hard working person and I take everything I do seriously, making sure I give it my 120%. I can start earlier in November, depending on when my exams finish. The details of my exams have not been released yet.

    [Posted 11 Sep 2017]

  • Name: Zachary Chisam
    Location: Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, Palmerston North
    Field of Interest: Resource Consents, Compliance, Resource Planning, Environmental Planning (any planning internships)
    Availability: 15th of November 2017, 19th February 2018

    Kia ora, my name is Zachary Chisam and currently I am a second-year planning student at Massey University studying a Bachelor of Resource and Environmental Planning. From this opportunity, I would like to gain experience and relevant knowledge about planning and how it is pursued as a profession. Through my experience with previous work I believe I would be a good candidate for any possible opportunities.

    [Posted 11 Sep 2017]

  • Name: Holly Stevens
    Location: Auckland and Northern Auckland
    Field of Interest: Urban Planning, Urban Design, Transport planning, Resource Consents (any Planning Internships)
    Availability: Immediately part time OR full time over summer 2017/18

    I am currently completing my 3rd year of Urban Planning at The University of Auckland, while additionally seeking to gain work experience in this field of expertise. I am a motivated and enthusiastic individual, with the ability to adapt well to new situations and get along with diverse cultures. This ability stems from my first-hand experience of studying abroad in the Netherlands in 2016 - 2017, and this can help ensure a smooth transition into many employment environments. I am an eager learner and easily pleased individual, who does not mind which Planning sector I begin to work in while I complete my University degree. I do however have particular interests in urban design, sustainability and transport planning.

    [Posted 10 May 2017]

  • Name: Zhenyu (Sebastian) Yang
    Location: Auckland
    Field of Interest: Resource consent, town planning, graduate program..
    Availability: Immediately

    I am Zhenyu Yang, a Resource Consent Planner and Architectural Designer in BW Building Consultants Ltd (provides services for subdivision, architectural design and project management). I have the degree of Master of Urban Planning in University of Auckland, and I am a member in New Zealand Planning Institute (NZPI).

    [Posted 02 Sep 2015, Updated 18 April 2017]

  • Name: Eseta Maka
    Location: Auckland
    Field of Interest: Any Planning related internship
    Availability: November 8th 2016-February 17th 2017

    Studying towards a Master of Planning at the University of Otago and seeking any Planning related internships in Auckland during the summer holidays even if it is part time anything would be great. My recent planning related experience include working as a Planning/GIS intern at the Greater Regional Nashville Council shadowing and assisting the Planning Research Department. I am adaptable to any situation and respond with ideas that are original and appropriate. Eager and ready to put what i have learnt in the classroom into practice while taking the huge learning experience as an opportunity to grow further. Cheers.

    [Posted 31 Oct 2016]

  • Name: Phillip Shipton
    Location: Auckland
    Field of Interest: Urban Planning, Transport Planning, Urban Design
    Availability: 21st Nov 2016 - late Feb 2017

    I am currently finishing up my first year of study in a Masters of Urban Planning & Urban Design at the University of Auckland. I hold a BSc in Geography and Environmental Science. I am passionate about the built and natural environment, with particular interest in transport planning, urban design, and sustainability. Between my studies I worked predominantly as an assistant land/construction surveyor, where I gained valuable skills and visited many new development sites throughout Auckland.

    [Posted 20 Oct 2016]

  • Name: Don Patrick Manlangit
    Location: Auckland
    Field of Interest: Urban Planning, Urban Design, Transport Planning and Landscape Architecture

    I am currently a Graduate Teaching Assistant of Urban Design and a second year post graduate student of a combined programme Master of Urban Planning (Professional) and Urban Design at the University of Auckland. I am passionate and interested in Urban Design, Transport Planning, and Landscape Architecture. Prior to my postgraduate studies, I worked for more than four years as a Landscape Architect dealing with tourism and hospitality projects in the Philippines and Qatar. I obtained my Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree at the University of the Philippines – Diliman.

    [Posted 28 Sept 2016]

  • Name: Oliver Hermans
    Location: Dunedin.
    Field of Interest: Hazard Planning and/or Environmental Planning.
    Availability: November 11 - February 17

    I have had a varied experience, both academically and in terms of past employment. I have a conjoint BSc/BA in environmental science and international relations from Victoria University of Wellington and last year I worked for, at varying times, both an engineering firm in their environmental department and on a dairy farm. As a result, I have experience working in stressful situations where conditions can rapidly change. I am also well aware of the need for teamwork and calm collected analysis of differing situations that arise in the workplace, both personal and interpersonal. I am currently working towards a Master of Planning at Otago University.

    [Posted 09 Aug 2016]

  • Name: Rachel Cottam
    Location: Christchurch
    Field of Interest: Environmental Planning and Policy
    Availability: 27th October onwards

    I am officially graduating at the end of this year therefore I quite flexible for work experience timeframes. Also looking for full time employment.

    [Posted 08 Aug 2016]

  • Name: Andrew Duncanson
    Location: Tauranga
    Field of Interest: Any fields related to planning or conservation
    Availability: November 2016 to February 2017.

    I am currently in my second year of study toward a Bachelor of Environmental Planning at the University of Waikato. I am eagerly seeking opportunities to gain practical experience this summer.

    As an enthusiastic and proactive learner, I believe I will be well suited to a diverse range of fields and tasks. I have a particular interest in New Zealand birds and their habitats, as well as a strong affinity with the Bay of Plenty region as my papakainga.

    [Posted 04 Aug 2016]

  • Name: Thejas Jagannath
    Location: Anywhere
    Field of Interest: Summer Internship
    Availability: November 2016 to February 2017

    I am currently pursuing an MPlan masters at University of Otago. I am looking for summer opportunities in a planning related area. I have a BA Honours in Geography and a geography degree from the University of Auckland. I am a friendly and approachable person who is enthusiastic about planning. I am dedicated and determined to achieve set deadlines and am responsible towards the job. In my course so far, I have attained a fair understanding of the RMA, planning theory and planning policy. I really hope this opportunity provides me with some work experience in planning.

    [Posted 29 Jun 2016]

Recent Graduates Seeking Entry Level Position

  • Name: Johanna Schacht
    Location: Auckland
    Field of Interest: Community and Environmental Planning, Transport, Resource Consents etc. I’m interested in any field of planning.
    Availability: Available to start as part-time immediately, and as full-time from November 2018 on.

    By having lived in Europe as well as New Zealand I have developed a deep passion for the urban environment and what elements create successful, high quality spaces. Studying urban planning for 4 years has allowed me to deepen such passion and develop extensive knowledge and the necessary skills to work in this field. One of my key qualities is efficiency, which allows me to complete tasks as quick as possible and to the best of my ability. Adding to this, is my enthusiasm, and friendly personality which makes me a pleasant co-worker, team member, and an approachable person when interacting with people I have not met before. I have gained this in particular through my work experience in the local community sector, where I worked closely with community members with the aim to improve their central community hub.

    [Posted 25 Sep 2018]

  • Name: Pippa Huddleston
    Location: Canterbury, Hawkes Bay, Central Otago, Bay of Plenty
    Field of Interest: Environmental management, water quality management, agriculture/forestry, land-use development
    Availability: End of 2017 – indefinitely

    I am in my final year of a Bachelor of Environmental Policy & Planning (Hons) at Lincoln University, and am looking to enter the planning industry at the end of this year! I have worked in the consents department at Hastings District Council for the past two summers, and have held the position of Lincoln University Planning Association president for 1 ½ years. I am highly motivated, organised, and hard-working and I approach issues with open-mindedness and integrity. In the future, I hope to be working in a position that strives to unlock potential, while enhancing the natural and social environment.

    [Posted 06 Jun 2017]

The candidates listed above are all current NZPI members. To view CV click the candidates name