Applying for Associate Status

Associate status is open to anyone who has a genuine desire to advance the purpose of planning but does not have a NZPI recognised planning degree.

Application Requirements:

  • You need 3 NZPI members to sponsor/support your application; Your sponsor must be a Full member of at least 3 years, the two Supporters can be a Full or Intermediate members.
  • As part of your application you must complete a statement of experience that clearly demonstrates the breadth and depth of your work experience to date, supported by corraborators. You must also provide us with a statement of interest which outlines your interest in joining NZPI and your involvement in planning.
The annual fee is $250. In addition to this, there is a $100 joining fee for NEW Associates of NZPI. Payment is not required at the time of application, an invoice will be sent once your application has been approved.
Acronym - Assoc.NZPI

CPD is not compulsory for Associate Status.

Associates can apply Full membership after gaining 7 years of work experience in planning (inc. at least two years NZ experience) and completed the following core CPD courses that all members must undertake to be eligible to apply for Full membership;

  • NZPI Ethics for Planner
  • Advanced Maori Values

Download ApplicationConstitution & Regulations

Previously a Member?

If you were previously a member of NZPI, you do not need to re-apply - please complete the 'Membership
Re-instatement' form found here.


If you will be working 25 hours or less per week over a sustained period, you can request Partially-active membership - the request can be submitted with your Associate application, please click here for full details.


If you are unable to fulfil the requirements of full-time membership we may be able to move you to Non-active status, please click here for full details.

Note : Our financial year is from January to December. Applications received before 31st March are invoiced the annual fee, those received after the 31st March are only invoiced for the number of months remaining in the year. Renewal invoices are emailed to all members mid-January with payment due by the 31st March. Those members who pay before the 20th February can pay the early bird rate (this will be detailed on the invoice).