Is Planning the Career for You

Are you interested in shaping the future, do you want to improve the quality of life for people and do you want help protect and improve our natural and built environment?

If so, then planning IS THE CAREER for you!

Your Planning Career Skill Check List!

  • Communication is one of your strengths
  • You enjoy team work
  • You would enjoy working with communities
  • Research and analysis is one of your strengths
  • You would enjoy working with other professionals
  • You understand the planning process
  • You are a creative thinker
  • You want to be part of a dynamic profession

Planning work is extremely varied. There are different issues and problems to be found throughout the country ? in cities, towns, rural areas, and coastal areas. The size of the employing organization may also influence the type of planning work.

Planners spend a lot of time dealing with the public, other professionals and business organizations. You need to be able to work as a member of a team, and gather and use information wisely to help those making business or planning decisions.

A key skill needed by planners is the ability to bring together a wide range of information, and to present it in a concise and analytical manner. Gathering information requires both qualitative and quantitative research skills. Data must be analyzed, options assessed and recommendations made on the best option.

The diversity of planning work means that you can develop your career as it suits you. You may choose different aspects of planning at any stage of your career. You may find that you enjoy direct contact with the public and wish to concentrate on administration; you may prefer research and data analysis; or your creative and innovative talent may be used in developing new planning policies and techniques.