Planning Consultant

Seeking the advice of a qualified planning professional is more likely to smooth your path and achieve the outcomes you want.

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Services Offered by Planning Consultants

Many Planners provide consulting services to both, the public and the private sector, ranging from Government departments, Local Authorities, Public and Private Corporations, Small Businesses and Individuals.

The Resource Management Act 1991 requires that certain information is provided with resource consent applications or submissions to proposed plan changes. Each local authority in its District or Regional Plan will have policies and rules which need to be considered in your application or submissions.

An application often requires appropriate consultation and an assessment of effects. It is much more likely to be successful and will take less time going through Council procedures if it is well prepared.

Planning consultants can help with:

  • Strategic planning, including corporate planning
  • District planning
  • Central government policy-making and research
  • Resource consent applications and environmental impact assessment
  • Natural resource planning (air, water and soil resources)
  • Policy development
  • Arbitration, negotiation and mediation services
  • Hearings
  • Public consultation
  • Land development, subdivision and project design
  • Landscape planning
  • Transportation and traffic planning
  • Site and feasibility assessment
  • Recreation planning tourism planning
  • Urban design
  • Social research and policy-making