Membership FAQ

NZPI has different classes of membership for different levels of planning expericnce. All applicant to join NZPI must complete an application form, which NZPI considers each application for membership in detail. For more information please see Here

We can reinstate your membership, please see the following link

Becoming a member of the NZPI will enhance your career and empower your professional development whether you are a student just starting an illustrious career in planning or an experienced and senior planner at the peak of your career.

Why Join?

  • NZPI will help you stand out from the crowd in a competitive job market
  • Meet the requirements for many employers
  • And can increase your earning potential and speed up your career
  • Give you additional standing in the Environment Court
  • Provide you with a voice through NZPI's advocacy work
  • Provide you with opportunities to network and share knowledge, either online or face to face
  • NZPI will support you in accessing the professional development you need to help you excel.
  • Your membership will help you keep up to date with information on planning policy, best practice and research.

Login Help

Important Note for NZPI Members

You must login using the email your provided NZPI in order to connect with your membership profile.

The Standard process normally takes as listed below:

  • Student/Graduate/Intermediate Membership - five to ten working days.
  • Associate - ten to fifteen working days.
  • Full - The whole process takes one to three months.

Provided you are a current member of NZPI, you are able to use the following post nominal:

Full - MNZPI
Intermediate - Int.NZPI
Graduate - Grad.NZPI
Associate - Assoc.NZPI

Students are not able to use a post nominal after their name until they upgrade their membership.

We look forward to your direct involvement with the institute "Be involved today!"

Having trouble finding a Sponsors/Supporter?

If you would like more information about joining NZPI or have questions regarding your membership please contact the Memberships Team, or 09 520 6277.