2021 NZPI Continuing Professional Development Programme

11/02/2021Ethics for Planners 3.00
16/02/2021LUNCHTIME SERIES - Master Planning the Defence Estate 1.00
17/02/2021PM1: Plan Making - An Update 6.00
23/02/2021Advanced Policy WritingAuckland4.00
25/02/2021Planning for Non-Planners 3.00
02/03/2021NES - FW and Stock Access Regulations 3.00
03/03/2021RC1 Resource Consents: An Update 6.00
04/03/2021Planning for Maori Values: Introduction 6.00
04/03/2021Emerging Technologies and Resource ManagementAuckland5.00
10/03/2021Case Law Update 3.00
11/03/2021Planning for Administrators 3.00
16/03/2021Ethics for PlannersChristchurch3.00
17/03/2021Planning for Maori Values: AdvancedAuckland6.00
07/04/2021Freshwater Water Science for Planners and others implementing the NPSFM 3.00
13/04/2021Principles & Practice of Designations under the RMA 4.00
14/04/2021Planning for Non-Planners 3.00
14/04/2021Planning for Maori Values: AdvancedQueenstown6.00
15/04/2021Ethics for Planners 3.00
16/04/2021Data Literacy for the Modern Planning ProfessionalAuckland5.00
29/04/2021Planning for Maori Values: Advanced 6.00
04/05/2021RC1 Resource Consents: An Update 6.00
05/05/2021PM1: Plan Making - An Update 6.00
05/05/2021Planning for Maori Values: Introduction 6.00
06/05/2021Effective Stakeholder Engagement 6.00
07/05/2021Expert Witness/Presenting Planning EvidenceAuckland4.00
12/05/2021Case Law Update 3.00
12/05/2021Strategies for Information Management in Planning PracticeAuckland5.00
13/05/2021Planning for Maori Values: AdvancedWellington6.00
14/05/2021Understanding Vibration & EffectsAuckland6.00
18/05/2021Ethics for Planners 3.00
20/05/2021PM3: Running a Good Plan processWellington6.00
21/05/2021Understanding Vibration & EffectsAuckland0.00
25/05/2021RC2: Assessing Environmental Effects and Notification IssuesAuckland6.00
10/06/2021PM2: Effective Plan MakingWellington6.00
11/06/2021Expert Witness/Presenting Planning Evidence 4.00
16/06/2021Emerging Technologies and Resource ManagementChristchurch5.00
17/06/2021Ethics for Planners 3.00
17/06/2021Planning for Maori Values: AdvancedHamilton6.00
29/06/2021Principles & Practice of Designations under the RMA 4.00
30/06/2021PM2: Effective Plan Making 6.00
02/07/2021Expert Witness/Presenting Planning EvidenceQueenstown4.00
07/07/2021Case Law Update 3.00
08/07/2021RC2: Assessing Environmental Effects and Notification IssuesTauranga6.00
09/07/2021Planning for Maori Values: Introduction 6.00
20/07/2021Ethics for Planners 3.00
30/07/2021Planning for Maori Values: Advanced 6.00
05/08/2021Emerging Technologies and Resource ManagementHamilton5.00