2020 NZPI Continuing Professional Development Programme

20/08/2020Auckland/Northland Case Law EventAuckland2.00
11/08/2020COURSE FULL - Ethics for Planners 3.00
11/08/2020COURSE FULL: Planning for Maori Values: AdvancedWellington6.00
12/08/2020COURSE FULL: Case Law Update 4.00
13/08/2020CANCELLED - Ethics for Planners 3.00
14/08/2020CANCELLED (Low numbers) Expert Witness/Presenting Planning EvidenceAuckland5.00
19/08/2020PM2: Making Good Plans 6.00
21/08/2020CANCELLED Negotiation - Beyond the Basics for PlannersPalmerston North6.00
26/08/2020RC2: Assessing Environmental Effects and Notification Issues 6.00
27/08/2020Emerging Leaders in Planning (2 Day)Hamilton12.00
27/08/2020Water Quantity & Quality planning under the RMA 6.00
27/08/2020PANEL DISCUSSION - “What does co-governance in environmental/regulatory world look like? 1.00
02/09/2020RC3: Conditions, Decisions, Reports and Hearings 6.00
03/09/2020Negotiation - Beyond the Basics for PlannersAuckland6.00
03/09/2020Advanced Policy WritingChristchurch4.00
08/09/2020Planning for Maori Values: Advanced 6.00
09/09/2020Planning Practice and Ethics in the Digital Age 5.00
09/09/2020Principles & Practice of Designations under the RMAChristchurch6.00
14/09/2020Advanced Policy WritingTauranga4.00
15/09/2020Case Law UpdateAuckland4.00
15/09/2020Planning for Non-Planners 3.00
16/09/2020PM3: Running a Good Plan Process 6.00
16/09/2020Water Quantity & Quality planning under the RMAChristchurch6.00
17/09/2020Soft Skills for Planners 6.00
18/09/2020Expert Witness/Presenting Planning EvidenceTauranga5.00
23/09/2020Cloud-based Collaboration and Communication for PlannersInvercargill5.00
24/09/2020RC4: Effective Engagement in Environment Court and Board of Inquiry Processes 6.00
12/10/2020Planning for Maori Values: Advanced 6.00
14/10/2020Economics of Urban DevelopmentChristchurch6.00
16/10/2020Expert Witness/Presenting Planning EvidencePalmerston North5.00
20/10/2020Understanding Noise & Effects 6.00
21/10/2020Cloud-based Collaboration and Communication for PlannersWellington5.00
22/10/2020RC4: Effective Engagement in Environment Court and Board of Inquiry ProcessesAuckland6.00
22/10/2020Coastal Inundation and PlanningChristchurch6.00
23/10/2020Ethics for PlannersAuckland3.00
28/10/2020Managing the Surface and Groundwater Effects of Development and InfrastructureDunedin6.00
28/10/2020Planning for Maori Values: AdvancedAuckland6.00
29/10/2020Introduction to Urban Design for PlannersChristchurch6.00
29/10/2020Ethics for Planners 3.00
30/10/2020Effective Stakeholder EngagementHamilton6.00
30/10/2020Urban Design in Action for PlannersChristchurch6.00
30/10/2020Managing the Surface and Groundwater Effects of Development and InfrastructureAuckland6.00
03/11/2020Cloud-based Collaboration and Communication for PlannersAuckland5.00
04/11/2020Case Law Update 4.00
05/11/2020Managing the Surface and Groundwater Effects of Development and InfrastructureTauranga6.00
10/11/2020Managing the Surface and Groundwater Effects of Development and InfrastructureNapier6.00
10/11/2020Planning for Maori Values: AdvancedChristchurch6.00
11/11/2020Water Quantity & Quality planning under the RMAQueenstown6.00