Medium Density Housing Workshop

Beacon Pathway has recently completed a project, funded by the Building Research Levy and MBIE, that looks at assessment of medium density housing in New Zealand. The project investigated the most suitable evaluation methods for New Zealand to assess, measure and target best practice in medium density communities and the resultant tools assist government and industry stakeholders to develop a means to measure progress on key outcomes.

The newly developed survey tools have been applied in a series of case studies in both Auckland and Christchurch, and have proved useful to residents (homeowners and tenants), designers and developers as well as wider communities impacted by medium density housing. The process can provide feedback that assists developers, designers, government, and industry to plan, design, and build future developments which are liveable, adaptable, sustainable, and healthy for residents, as well as being more acceptable to surrounding neighbours.

Verney Ryan will highlight some of the recent insights gained from the research supported by other specialists who are working in the medium density residential area.

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17:30:00 - 19:30:00
Boffa Miskell, Level 3, 82 Wyndham Street, Auckland, Auckland
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