FULLY BOOKED - RC2: Assessing Environmental Effects and Notification Issues

This course is fully booked.

This one-day workshop is designed to provide participants with the essential skills to:

  • Develop the ability to scope planning proposals for clients
  • Develop effective and sound Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEEs)
  • Determine completeness and sufficiency of information required for the Council to accept your application under s.88 and the 4th schedule
  • Understand the Council's role in accepting applications
  • Determining when and where it's appropriate to request further information
  • Determining when to notify (public or limited) or not to notify resource consent applications

This one-day workshop draws on Lee’s extensive experience, including as an Independent Hearing Commissioner and Chair of the Auckland Urban Design Panel. It is based around up-to-date case studies, interactive examples and exercises drawing on the relevant case law and how these should be applied in practice, including:

  • Davison v Marlborough District Council 2017
  • Tasti V Auckland Council 2016
  • Watercare Services v AC 2011
  • Coro Mainstreet (Inc.) v Thames Coromandel District Council 2013
  • Sutton v Environment Canterbury 2014
  • Ports of Auckland v Auckland Council 2015
  • Northcote Manistreet Inc V North Shore City Council 2006
  • Affco NZ Ltd v Far North District 1994

Learning Outcomes

An understanding

  • How to scope a planning application
  • Develop effective Assessment of Environmental Effects which meet the requirements of the 4th schedule
  • How to apply s.88 and the 4th schedule to determine where or not to accept a resource consent application
  • How and when to request further information or commission reports under s.92.
  • Determining whether an application should proceed on a notified (public or limited) or non-notified bases under the RMA

Event Registration

09:00:00 - 16:00:00
Online via Zoom, Online
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Dr Lee Beattie
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