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  1. CASE SENSITIVE Please be aware that email address and password are case-sensitive. Make sure you have the correct combination of capital and small letters. Also check that you don't have CAPS LOCK turned on.
  2. COOKIES Some users have their web browsers configured to not allow cookies. Please make sure your browser is configured to allow 'session cookies', otherwise you will not be able to login, and the site will not function for you.
  3. PERSONAL FIREWALLS Some personal firewall products such as Norton Internet Security have been known to block session cookies even when the browser is configured correctly.Check the configuration of your personal firewall software to ensure it is configured to allow 'session' or 'in memory' cookies.
  4. PROXY SERVERS Some ISPs and Corporate networks employ proxy servers which act as a sort of gateway between your browser and the internet. Occasionally these can be configured to block cookies or cache web pages when they shouldn't. You can person your systems administrator to clarify this.

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