NZPI Salary Survey Invitation

The CEO invites you to take part in NZPI’s 2010 annual Salary Survey.

The survey has been designed to determine trends in remuneration, conditions and staffing levels within the planning industry in 2010.

The results of the survey will be provided to members in January 2011.

In the interim, all you need do to participate in the three minute survey is click on the link  below anytime before 10 January 2011.

Help us, help you, by responding to the survey and contributing to the most informative and robust results yet – just click

Please note that responses are anonymous unless you choose to provide your name and contact details, which is an option but not necessary.

PS: My sincere thanks to the small band of peers who kindly volunteered as guinea pigs to ensure the relevance of this year’s questions!  We had a minor technical glitch this morning but it has been resolved and all should be working fine now.