2010 Salary Survey

The New Zealand Planning Institute (NZPI) conducts an annual survey of its members to achieve a snapshot of salaries and conditions throughout the planning industry. 

The below survey results relates to the 2010 calendar year: 


The 2010 survey was conducted entirely on line using Survey Monkey.  Members' were notified of, and encouraged to participate in, the salary survey through emails, Planning Focus and the NZPI website. The online survey was open for responses from 16 November 2010 to 10 January 2011.  During that time 586 members responded to the survey, a very pleasing increase from the previous year's 239 responses which adds significantly to the robustness of the results. 

The introductory pages of the survey provide a profile of the collective responses whilst later pages offer a more detailed analysis of the survey results.

A very warm thanks to all those who participated in the survey.  Should you have a query regarding the content of this report please address it to Susan Houston by email susan.houston@planning.org.nz or by phone 09 5206277