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Over the past three years or more NZPI has been discussing and debating the need for changes to its governance structure. In 2010 the NZPI Council reviewed the existing NZPI governance model and adopted in principle, and subject to consultation with members, the following changes to the governance structure:

a) The Council transition to a Policy Board Model – this model would replace the current administrative model and empower Council to act and think strategically (please see the above rationale for that transition).

b) The Board membership be based on a three year rather than the current two year term. This has the merit of enabling the Board to set and oversee the delivery of the three year strategic plan.

c) The Board consist of eight representatives, rather than the current eleven. This has the benefit of making the Council more nimble and reflects the fact that it would be operating as a Policy Board rather than an administrative Council. It is proposed that the eight Board members be elected on the following basis:

  • 3 members from Auckland/Northland region
  • 2 members from Rest of North Island (exception is Wellington)
  • 1 member from Wellington region
  • 2 members from South Island

d) The Chair to be elected from and by the eight member Board.

e) An advisory body be established consisting of one representative of each Special Interest Group, the Chairs of the 11 Branches or their representative (this includes the London Branch) and a Young Planner representative.  Please see attached for further details on the proposed Advisory Body. 

What does this mean for you?
The initiatives outlined above and the proposed changes will empower NZPI to provide members with a stronger offering at no additional cost. The changes will result in our activities becoming more aligned and focused, our lines of communication open and timely, our capacity to act more rapidly and most importantly, a leadership that is free to think and act strategically rather than constantly getting caught up in the minutia of the business.

Where to from here?
Whilst I have had innumerable discussions with individuals and Branch Committee’s and there have been a number of communications through the NZPI website and Planning Focus regarding the proposed changes we now need to achieve a sense of the wider memberships views on the above proposal.  The attached documents may be of help to you in framing that response.

Following your response to the survey linked below voting members (that is full members) will be given the opportunity to formally vote on the proposed Constitutional changes that will be required to give effect to any proposed and agreed governance changes.   Please note the deadline for response from all NZPI members to the following informal survey is close of business on 7 February 2011. Click here to participate in the Survey

The Council has given a great deal of time and thought to the proposed governance changes and the decision to put the proposal to members has not been taken lightly. I would like to encourage you to give consideration to the mooted changes and offer any comments you may wish to make through the survey above.

Yours sincerely


Susan Houston
Chief Executive Officer
New Zealand Planning Institute
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