The Darfield Earthquake - Your Experience

In late 2010 NZPI initiated a multidisciplinary taskforce to examine the lessons to be learnt from the Darfield Earthquake.

The Technical Taskforce is made up of the following members:

• Geotech Society
• Earthquake Society
• G & S Science
• IPENZ (Administrative support for Taskforce)

The Taskforce will play a unique and valued role in providing government with an independent and coordinated technical review of the lessons to be learnt from the Darfield Earthquake. Click here for the Terms of Reference under which the Taskforce
is operating

The final review prepared by the Taskforce will be endorsed by the various institutes/organisations involved and provided to appropriate Ministers and Government Departments.

In a bid to ensure the Taskforce is capturing all relevant intelligence it has resolved to undertake a survey of its respective members. We encourage those of you who have had some involvement in the post earthquake recovery to participate in the anonymous online survey prior to 11 March 2011.  To participate please click here 

If you have specific documentation you would like shared with the taskforce it can be sent directly to Susan Houston at or to NZPI, P.O. Box 8658, Symonds St 1150, Auckland  Att:  Susan Houston

In anticipation of your participation, many thanks.

Warmest regards

Dean Chrystal
NZPI Representative on Land Use Investigative Taskforce