Christchurch Reeling

The people of Christchurch and surrounds are reeling under the impact of a magnitude 6.3 earthquake.  The death toll to date is 75 and expected to climb higher with almost 300 people still missing.  Hundreds more are injured.

NZPI sends its prayers and thoughts to the people of Christchurch and will be doing all that it can, despite the fraught communications, to contact members within the region and ensure their safety.  Regular updates will be provided to the wider membership on the NZPI website as news comes to hand.  If  you are within Christchurch and have news of NZPI colleagues please share that news with us.

To support our friends and colleagues in Christchurch we have a couple of options:

  • The Salvation Army has relaunched its appeal to support recovery efforts in the region, to donate click here ...
  • The Christchurch domestic airport is now open for business so it is possible for NZPI friends and colleagues to get out of the City and experience some relative normality if they choose.  If you are in a position to offer free accommodation to NZPI colleagues please register  your interest via and we will ensure your offer is communicated in an appropriate manner as soon as possible to those members of our NZPI family within Christchurch who wish to leave the city over the coming days/weeks.

Our hearts and minds are with the people of Christchurch and in particular with our NZPI family within that city.

Jane Douglas and Susan Houston

President and CEO