Support for Businesses in Earthquake Ravaged Christchurch

The Ministry of Social Development has launched an Earthquake Employment Support Package.  The package is made up of two options:

  • Earthquake Support Subsidy:  This is  for employers who want to maintain the employer/employee relationship and needs to take time to consider the business viability , or
  • Earthquake Job Loss Cover:  This is for employees where the employer has decided not to continue their business and employees are no longer able to work and/or receive a wage

Read the media release (MSD website)

This package does not provide support to:

  • Employers who can continue to operate and/or meet their obligations to pay their employees
  • Government or government-related organisations
  • Those who have been injured or bereaved and who are receiving weekly compensation from ACC
  • Employers already receiving insurance payments that cover lost wages

Employers need to determine the type of support that is best for them and their employees in the short term.  This assistance relies on employers and employees making contact and having discussions about what is best.

If there is anything that NZPI can do to support our NZPI businesses within the Christchurch area to access the package please advise or call 09 5206277