2010 NZPI Annual Report

Dear NZPI Member,

On behalf of my Councillor colleagues and management it is with a sense of achievement and sincere thanks that I present the 2010 NZPI Annual Report.

As you will see the Annual Report has been organised around the new strategic goals, measures and priorities of NZPI.  Some of the achievements highlighted within the annual report are:

  • the endorsement and delivery of a communication strategy and annual plan;
  • a review of our continuing professional development offering;
  • a new look on-line presence;
  • the introduction of a national Scholarship and mentoring programme for young planners;
  • a successful joint conference;
  • the establishment of a National CEO’s Forum;
  • the winning of an EAROPH Award and
  • continuing good stewardship of the Institute's finances

The governance structure of Council has been an ongoing consultation exercise with members and I have pleasure in advising that we have consensus support for a policy board model comprising representation from across the country. This will reduce the current council membership from twelve to eight, establish an Advisory Committee with representation from all Branches, young planner and special interest groups, and remove the position of Immediate Past President. 

As you will appreciate this will necessitate a Constitutional change and we are currently working on those changes in order to present them to you for voting purposes. At the same time we intend revamping the NZPI Constitution so it is more streamlined and reduce repetition between it and the NZPI Regulations.

NZPI’s Education Policy and Accreditation Procedures have undergone an independent review and in 2011 our priority is to finalise this with participation from the universities.  The Council continues to maintain close links with the accredited planning programmes. 

Throughout 2010 we strove to raise the profile of the Institute and the planning profession and we have had some success with requests for nominations for senior members to input on Boards of Inquiry and other regional panels, together with media discussions and the establishment of the CEO’s Forum initiated by our Chief Executive.

Congratulations to those planning individuals and organisations whose work and contributions to the theory and practice of planning were recognised in the 2010 Awards.  It was a pleasure to present the awards to this year’s recipients.

In May we welcomed Susan Houston to the Chief Executive position and in September Christina Kaiser joined the team as policy and research advisor.

Susan hit the ground running and has proven her ability, willingness and stamina to effectively lead the management of the organisation.  Christina’s assistance will ensure the position of NZPI in the national profile will be effective. 

The inputs from Barry Williams, Savana Carroll, Melissa Hubbard and Aaron Beckett in the national office team ensure the effective delivery of member services and together Susan’s team provides both Council and Members with professional, committed and superb service.

Last, but by no means least, a sincere thank you to the members of Council who have worked so well together over the past year to achieve positive outcomes, to all our members who have sat on interview panels a very appreciative pat on the back and to other members who have assisted NZPI on committees, think tanks and review panels. Your efforts and continued willingness to provide your time and energies are truly valued and appreciated.

As you will see from the Annual Report it has been a busy twelve months for NZPI, and yet there is much more innovation and change to come in the ensuing twelve months with an ambitious and approved annual plan for 2011.

Can we encourage you to devote some of your  time to reading the attached Annual Report and also to provide feedback if you feel moved to do so by contacting our CEO, Susan Houston via email susan.houston@planning.org.nz or phone 09 5206277.  All feedback will be valued.

To access the report click here

Warmest regards

Jane Douglas