Auckland Unleashed

Dear NZPI Members,

On 23 March Auckland Council released the Auckland Plan discussion document Auckland Unleashed.  This is Auckland Council's 30 Year vision and strategy for Auckland and sets out the ideas and initial proposal for creating the draft Auckland Plan. It seeks to set the scene for realising the Mayor's vision for Auckland - to be the most liveable city in the world.  The deadline for feedback to the Auckland Council is 31 May 2011.

NZPI is intent on coordinating a submission to the discussion document which reflects the views of its members, both in Auckland and throughout New Zealand.  NZPI sees responding to the discussion document as particularly important given the impact the Auckland Plan will have on Auckland's ongoing growth and development, and wider impact on the rest of New Zealand.  Feedback is also critical given that Central Government's has mooted the notion of applying spatial planning as a tool beyond Auckland, as signalled in the recent MfE Discussion Document Building Competitive Cities.

We will soon be seeking your feedback on Auckland Unleashed and encourage you to peruse the document in the interim. 

Many thanks


Christina Kaiser,

Senior Policy Advisor