Local and Regional Planners of Christchurch United

In the coming months, the people and leadership of Christchurch will be asked to resolve a number of big picture planning questions.  NZPI believes that getting the process right to frame and resolve those questions will be vital to the future wellbeing of the City and surrounds.

In a bid to facilitate discussion around good process NZPI has supported a local planning think tank session that brought together over fifty local and regional planners from Canterbury to identify, discuss, debate and offer thought leadership on the key planning issues facing Christchurch.

Issues addressed during the Christchurch workshop included for example, natural hazards, open spaces, transport, urban form, community engagement and retreating communities.

All who attended the session were united on one fundamental principle - that the future of Christchurch lies in the hands of its people and that it is their views and needs that must inform and guide regneration.  The results of the think tank session will be communicated to Christchurch leaders, CERA and Government Ministers in the near future.

NZPI is committed to supporting local planning leadership and Government to contribute to a plan that delivers both the thriving, vibrant and economically viable city that the people of of Christchurch deserve and New Zealand very much needs.

Jane Douglas

President of NZPI

                Christina Kaiser and Kim Seaton - Think Tank Session - Christchurch