NZPI Think Tank on the Regeneration of Christchurch

Dear Member

In April 2011 the local branch, with the support of NZPI Officers and Councillors, initiated a think tank session in Christchurch to discuss issues and potential solutions for Christchurch and surrounds following the devastating earthquake of 22nd February.  Over fifty local and regional members attended the session and contributed their views.  Those views, and the years of planning experience that informed them, have now been captured and developed into a coherent document which we are intent on distributing to local, regional and central government leadership, media and others such as our  sister institutes such as IPENZ, NZIS, NZIA, NZILA, LGNZ etc.

We commend the document to you and encourage you to disseminate appropriately. You can access the document here …

Finally, our sincere thanks to those involved in development of the "New Beginnings" Document which will hopefully serve to influence key decision makers in the rebuilding of Christchurch and surrounds.

Warmest regards

Richard Osborne                                                                          Susan Houston
Chair of Canterbury/Westland                                                   CEO of NZPI