Important Message to All NZPI Full Members

Dear Full member,

Within the next few weeks NZPI will be conducting a formal poll asking members to vote on a proposed new NZPI  governance model and changes to the NZPI Constitution.

A background document will be emailed to you followed by a voting paper to your postal address.

These are important matters for your consideration and the NZPI Office is concerned that as many members as possible have the opportunity to vote.

To this end you are asked to please check, at your earliest convenience, that the postal and email addresses we have on record for you are current and correct. We are aware that some members have not updated these contact details for some time and thus may well not receive the information or have the opportunity to vote

You can access and amend this information on your Membership Profile by going to .

If you haven't logged before, you'll need to activate your login first - please go to, (you're classed as a new user); you'll need to enter your first name, last name and email address... click next then follow the prompts ( it's important you enter the email address we have on record or the system wont link to your membership profile, instead it will create brand new 'non member' profile which we don't use - if you're not sure which address we have, please give us a call).

Thank you for your co-operation

NZPI Office

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