NZPI Ballot Results

Dear NZPI Member,

Governance and Constitutional Changes

As you will no doubt remember, in 2010 the NZPI Council reviewed the existing NZPI governance model and adopted in principle the following changes to the governance structure of NZPI:

  • The Council transition to a Policy Board Model this model would replace the current administrative model and empower Council to act and think strategically.
  • The Board membership be based on a three year rather than the current two year term. This has the merit of enabling the Board to set and oversee the delivery of the three year strategic plan.
  • The Board consist of eight representatives, rather than the current twelve. This has the benefit of making the Council more nimble and reflects the fact that it would be operating as a Policy Board rather than an administrative Council. It is proposed that the eight Board members be elected on the following geographical basis, derived from the proportion of members resident within the areas:

3 members from Auckland/Northland region
2 members from Rest of North Island (excepting Wellington)
1 member from Wellington region
2 members from South Island

( Click here to view map indicating the proposed NZPI electoral boundaries).

  • The Chair and executive positions to be elected from within the Board by the eight members.
  • An advisory body be established consisting of the Chair of each Special Interest Group, the Chairs of recognised NZPI Branches and a Young Planner representative.

Consultation with Members

NZPI has consulted extensively with members throughout 2010 and 2011 on the proposed governance changes and more recently has tested membership appetite for the change through a formal ballot of voting members on both the changes to governance and the associated constitutional amendments that must occur in order to effect that change.

The Ballot Results

That ballot has now concluded with the following results:

Of the 164 voting members who responded to the ballot:

Part A responses

  • 143 voted yes to both the proposed changes to NZPI governance and Constitution 88%
  • 21 voted no to the proposed changes to NZPI Governance and Constitution 12%

Part B responses

  • 151 voted yes to the non governance related constitutional amendments 92%
  • 13 voted no to the non governan ce related constitutional amendments 8%

A Mandate for Change

The above results provide NZPI leadership with a mandate to transition to the new governance framework. The new constitution with the amendments clearly marked is attached for your information. Please note that the new Constitution becomes effective immediately. A report to Council on the timing of the transition to align our governance framework with the new constitution has been provided to the Executive for consideration and will be provided to the wider Council at the upcoming November Council meeting. At this point, the transition is timed for the next Annual General Meeting of NZPI, with the call for nominees and elections for Board members planned to occur at the end of 2011.

Congratulations to all concerned, this is an historic moment for NZPI and I look forward to working with each of you to transition to the new governance arrangements over the coming months.

Should you have any queries regarding any of the above information please feel encouraged to contact me on the following or 021 555 754.

Warmest regards


Susan Houston
Chief Executive Officer
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