Planning and Food Security - Chance to comment on Discussion Paper

The Commonwealth Association of Planners (CAP) is very grateful for the valuable work of Professor Wayne Caldwell, Anneliza Collett, Therese Ludlow, Ian Sinclair and Jenny Whitehead in preparing this discussion paper on one of the most serious challenges facing Commonwealth countries.

Access to food is a basic human need but unfortunately that human need is not being met in many areas and achieving food security is a major challenge. Planning has a significant role to play in addressing threats to food security but this is not a topic that is currently featuring strongly in planning practice. This must change.

Food security is a major issue for Commonwealth countries and is recognised as such at the highest levels of Government. The Commonwealth Heads of Government at their biennial meeting in Trinidad and Tobago in November 2009, expressed their deep concern about world food security (1). Recognising that poverty was the fundamental cause of food insecurity, Heads of Government also identified threats posed by climate change, lack of access to fresh water, dumping of waste and volatile commodity and energy prices. They called for increased investment in sustainable agriculture, rural development and natural resource management and they stressed the importance of a coherent, multi-dimensional approach to sustainable agricultural development and food security. Heads of Government recognised the need to increase food production particularly in countries most affected by hunger.

The Discussion Paper together with its Call for Action will be highly valuable in raising awareness and understanding of planning and food security challenges across the Commonwealth. The Paper will be used by the CAP and others to open up a wide discussion and sharing of ideas.

Click here to download the Planning and Food Security within the Commonwealth Discussion Paper

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