NZPI Young Planners Leading the Way

The NZPI Young Planners Group have combined forces and developed a strategic direction that will guide their activities within NZPI over the coming three years. The ground breaking Strategy has been developed in collaboration with Young Planner representatives and subsequently offered for comment to all Young Planners of NZPI. The Strategy is aligned with NZPI strategies, policies and constitution and provides a stable, clear, measurable and transparent way forward for the ever evolving and changing membership of the Young Planners that reside within the NZPI branches throughout New Zealand.

The NZPI Council is confident that the Strategy will deliver outcomes that will be of benefit to NZPI both now and in the future and for that reason it has supported the three year Strategy with a financial contribution. The outcomes of the Strategy will be reviewed annually to ensure that it remains a living and proactive document which reflects the needs of the 147 student and 450 graduate members of NZPI.

The NZPI Council is aware that the Strategy offers the Young Planners group within New Zealand the opportunity to lead the way internationally and it will have Councils support in both striving for that and achieving the aspirations laid out within the following pages. So congratulations to all Young Planners who were involved in development of this initiative. NZPI wishes you well throughout the implementation phase.

Jane Douglas