"Rave Reviews" ...

For the Practical Leadership for Planners CPD Course recently held in Auckland!

The NZPI Leadership Centre wassuccessfully launched in late November.

Following are attendee comments from the first Stage 1 course. This course will also be offered in other locations in 2012. Watch this space!

  • A great course, fun educational and relevant. Inspired again to go back and put what I learnt into practice. Thank you for a great team.
  • Please run this course again and promote it heavily..its fantastic and lots of people would benefit from it.
  • Large amount of information.. Very good.
  • Excellent and very relevant for planners which is great as always hard to find courses for planners
  • Everything was great.one of the best courses I have ever done.
  • Excellent course, far exceeded expectations. I had lots of fun!!!
  • An excellent course and a pleasure to attend.
  • This is one of the most transformational, practical and useful courses Ive been on I encourage NZPI to offer this again.Thank you both!

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