5 Minute Planning Quiz

Here's a quick quiz for you and colleagues ... see who can get the most right!

  1. How many members does NZPI have in total?
    a) 1563
    b) 1747
    c) 1924
    d) 1850

  2. What is Auckland Mayor, Len Browns, vision for the City of Auckland?
    a) Smarter, Faster
    b) Most liveable city
    c) City of Innovation
    d) A city of Excellence

  3. What did Minister Gerry Brownlee allegedly call the Mayor of Christchurch, Bob Parker?
    a) A clown
    b) A clone
    c) An idiot
    d) A hero

  4. Where will the new government irrigation fund be used to test the feasibility of a new storage dam?
    a) Waikato
    b) Hawkes Bay
    c) Otago
    d) Southland

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