NZPI Chair and CEO Meets with Doug McKay

The Chair of NZPI, Bryce Julyan and CEO, Susan Houston were pleased to meet recently with Auckland Councils CEO , Doug McKay and Chief Operating Officer, Patricia Reade. The meeting was in response to the request by the NZPI to discuss members concerns with a raft of recent media articles that were perceived as damaging both to individual planners, the planning department within Auckland Council and the planning profession generally.

The meeting proved to be a good opportunity for both NZPI and the Auckland Council to share concerns, pin point causes and explore solutions.

At the meeting Mr McKay assured NZPI that he understood and shared our members concerns. Furthermore the recent letter from NZPI led him to initiate discussions with the Planning Department to test morale. As a result of those discussions he is satisfied that planners within the Council are supported and coping with the challenging governance landscape in which they operate. Mr McKay advised that he will continue to back the Councils Planners to the hilt.

Both parties expressed confidence in the professionalism of planners at Auckland Council.

Mr Julyan said the NZPI would remain available to support its members and through the NZPI Auckland Branch would look to strengthen relationships between the two organisations given that Council employs in the order of 260 members of the NZPI. He reaffirmed that NZPI would continue to seek to sustain a positive and supportive environment for planners generally. On behalf of the NZPI, he thanked both Mr McKay and Ms Reade for the opportunity to meet and for the openness of the discussion.

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