Feedback Sought on Draft NZTA Guide

The latest draft (v0.6) of the NZTA Guide to assessing air quality effects for state highway asset improvement projects has now been released for comment. Development of the guide has been led by the Environment and Urban Design Team in the State Highway Group (Highways and Network Operations) of NZTA with input from a number of NZTA staff from other groups, Emission Impossible Ltd and Beca.

The guide describes the processes to be used on NZTA asset improvement projects for assessing and addressing adverse air quality effects associated with improvements to the state highway network. A copy of the draft guide can be found at:

Early drafts and content from the guide were presented at a number of NZTA and Clean Air Society for Australia and NZ workshops over the last couple of years. This document replaces the previous draft NZTA Standard for producing air quality assessments for state highway projects v5 Jul 10. Feedback on that document has informed the content and format of the guide.

The processes outlined in the guide use a risk based approach to determine the appropriate level of assessment for determining project air quality effects and require a three-tiered approach to be used like the Ministry for the Environments (MfE) Good practice guide for assessing discharges to air from land transport. The guide is also aligned with the MfE Good practice guide for assessing and managing the environmental effects of dust emissions.

The content in the guide reflects the NZTAs current state highway project development and delivery standards, in particular SM030 Minimum standard Z/19 Social and environmental management and covers air quality effects associated with both the construction and operation of the state highway network, including tunnels.

In addition a number of supporting tools and user resources have been developed to assist with the implementation of the guide and these are also available for comment and feedback. These include;

Other tools and resources are referred in the assessment guide many of which are currently under-development. Please let me know if you would like to be notified about their release. Alternatively please check the Transport and Air Quality website for the latest updates.

If you have any comments on the guide or screening tool, could you please use the feedback form (add additional sheets as necessary) that is also available on the web site ( and e-mail back to me by 5 November 2012.

Many thanks for your time.

Rob Hannaby BA(Hons), MSc, CEnvP, MASNZ
Principal Environmental Specialist
Highways and Network Operations - Professional Services