London Calling

The leadership of the Commonwealth Association of Planning met in London last week to enable Delegates from around the Commonwealth to meet and discuss the focus for CAP over the ensuing three years. NZPIs CEO, Susan Houston, was pleased to be invited by CAP to participate in the meetings and development of the strategy, at CAPs expense. Susan was also a guest of CAP to help unveil the new CAP website that she developed, with the in kind support of NZPI.

NZPI has received glowing acknowledgement for its contribution to CAP through:

  • Development of the CAP website (which will be going live soon)
  • The Resilience Work programme that it has led and will continue to lead with the NZPI Boards endorsement
  • The CAP strategic plan that Susan drafted at the end of the session for consideration by CAP Committee

Other benefits of attending the Conference of Delegates included:

  • The securing of Anne Skippers to speak at the NZPI Conference former President of RTPI , VP of CAP for Europe and exceptional speaker
  • The opportunity to speak on resilience planning during a pod cast interview the interview can be accessed here
  • The meeting with RTPI CEO Trudi Elliott brought home the fact that RTPI despite the fact that it is much larger than NZPI (15000 members) is struggling with the same issues as NZ is NZPI and RTPI have committed to keeping in touch and sharing good practice.

In thanking NZPI for its contribution, the President of CAP, Christine Platt had this to say:

Firstly, it is very important to have New Zealand making its voice heard again in Commonwealth planning affairs. If we wish to be credible, we have to have as strong a voice as possible, and so having as important a voice as yours contributing to messages, is very pleasing. Secondly, Susan Houston has made an exceptional contribution to the messages we have been able to deliver, both in terms of her work on Resilience and her work on assisting to rebuild the website. We are deeply appreciative of her outstanding contributions both at the business meeting and at WUF. CAP looks forward to sharing with you the work which lies ahead.

As you know, NZPIs contribution extends beyond Susans work, as Dory Reeves is leading the CAP research on Gender and planning. NZPI is therefore currently making a substantial and critical contribution to planning in the Commonwealth, and I wish to thank you and your Board most sincerely for this.

NZPI also wishes to join Christine in congratulating Dory Reeves on her work for CAP.

The London Itinerary

During the course of the three days spent in London Susan attended the following CAP activities:

  • Monday arrived in London at 2 p.m. GMT:

    Meeting with Australian Pacific Regional Vice President Sonia Kirby

  • Tuesday:

    9.30 - 10.30am : Tuition for CAP Secretariat on how to use the website
    1.30 - 5.30 : Meeting with all CAP Committee to focus on issues arising from all CAP regions and how CAP might respond to them.

  • Thursday: Left London at lunch time GMT, arrived home Saturday Auckland time.