NZPI Canterbury/Westland Branch: WTPD Report 2012

The planning profession has made an extraordinary contribution to earthquake recovery over the past 12-18 months, along with a range of other diverse and unique challenges and opportunities around the Canterbury/Westland region.On Thursday 8th of November the Canterbury/ Westland Branch of the NZPI recognised the following people for their contribution to the planning profession:

  • Dean Chrystal
    For providing considerable leadership as the NZPI and Planners in Canterbury faced a number of challenges over the last 10 years as associated with various TAG reviews, the changing face of local government, the changing face of the City, and the changing shade of his hair (to a more greyish hue). We acknowledge his representation on the NZPI National Board and his contribution to the Canterbury Planning Profession.

  • Laurie McCallum
    For his contribution to the planning profession over the past 40 years in New Zealand, and the past 27 years at ECan. In particular his lead role in developing the Urban Development Strategy, and tireless efforts to improve the form and function of urban development. We also recognise his influence on a large number of planners in Canterbury through previous work with him and under his management.

  • Ken Gimblett
    Ken was integral to the delivery of a robust and workable suite of City Plan changes necessary to implement CCDU's Recovery Plan. On this project Ken's planning work and approach was outstanding. He should be commended for the output, his demonstration of good planning practice and for demonstrating the importance of town planning in a Recovery Plan.

  • Marcus Langman
    For his and his teams on-going work completing the CRPS which provides well considered and researched direction on the significant resource management issues for the Canterbury region. We consider the completion of the document will provide clear direction for resource management practitioners in the coming years.

  • Andrew Willis
    For his and his teams work in developing the statutory section of the draft Central City Recovery Plan in an incredibly short timeframe. These provisions were validated by their retention in the final version of the Recovery Plan which was signed off by the Minister.

  • Sarah Fitzgerald
    Sarah has been instrumental in developing and delivering best practice environmental planning systems across the delivery of the SCIRT infrastructure rebuild programme. Her approach to resolving issues and working with strategic partners has been instrumental to the success of the SCIRT rebuild programme.

  • ECan Consents Staff
    For staff that relocated and set up in Timaru within a week of Feb 22 and then to Lincoln, to ensure necessary consents were not delayed. We recognise the proactive approach to consenting issues that arose as a result of the earthquakes, and for improving relationships with key stakeholders such as Ngai Tahu, CCC Engineers and SCIRT, and for initiatives in utilising new legislation (CER Act and Ministers powers), and other consenting issues in the Canterbury region.

  • CCC, SDC and WDC Resource Consents Staff
    Special mention to the CCC, SDC & WDC resource consents team, for their ongoing efforts over the last 18 months in the face of particularly challenging environmental and political conditions. In particular, the pragmatic approach the team has generally taken to dealing with applications post-earthquake has been noted and appreciated.