Comparative NZ-US Planning Research on Implementation

US National Science Foundation funds comparative NZ-US planning research on implementation ...

Institutional capacity, culture and structure all matter when it comes to implementing environmental sustainability via plans and projects. However there are many anecdotes but no systematic evidence of what works and what doesn't. Jan Crawford and Lucie Laurian are researching these questions through a large-scale international survey. They will be seeking input from NZ practitioners through the survey shortly. Keep an eye on your inbox, you may be in the sample!

This project will identify cutting edge practices in environmental sustainability in councils and the organizational factors that support innovation. The research team is led by Associate Professor Lucie Laurian at the University of Iowa Urban & Regional Planning Department and Jan Crawford, Director of Planning Consultants Ltd, Auckland. They have worked together extensively on plan quality, plan implementation and outcome evaluation.

Earlier this year, they developed and validated a theoretical framework for their research with the input of an international expert panel of European, North American and New Zealand academics and practitioners. They are now investigating the drivers and barriers to effective implementation in practice. To collect this information, they are about to send a survey to 500 cities and counties in the US and 56 councils in NZ (population ranging from 10,000 - 200,000). The questionnaire will be sent to several staff in each council because you all have different roles and experiences.

The results will be analysed and reported for NZ and comparatively with the US. Jan and Lucie will present the findings to NZPI conferences and CPD workshops, as well as through publications in this newsletter, Planning Quarterly and international journals.