Renaissance for Quality Planning in NZ

Bryce Julyan QP Launch The 18th December was an auspicious date for planning in NZ with the Wellington based launch of the new QP website. Over 60 guests participated in celebrating the renaissance of QP and the official signing of an Memorandum of Understanding between the five QP partners (MfE, NZPI, LGNZ, RMLA and NZIS).

In celebrating the initiative and partnership, the Chair of NZPI, Bryce Julyan said : In 2010 NZPI developed its first strategic plan in partnership with its members. Within that plan NZPI signalled its commitment to supporting its members in their endeavours to meet international standards in terms of ethics, knowledge and practice.

As NZPI members here tonight will know, the Board has recently initiated a review of that strategic plan. Through a strong process of consultation NZPI has listened to the voice of its membership and as a result has confirmed a collective commitment to a new vision for NZPI.

That is to be the recognised and respected voice of planning in NZ.

Our members have signalled that they wish this aspiration to be achieved though a focus on three key areas: .

  • Enhancing the profile of the Institute and planning profession
  • Empowering member involvement and ownership at all levels, and
  • Improving the quality of planning practice

I am reasonably confident that in 2016 when NZPI again reviews its DNA or strategic focus its membership and resulting strategy will again reiterate its commitment to supporting its members through the sharing of knowledge and good practice within the planning profession.

NZPIs abiding principle of encouraging and supporting good practice is reflected in its strong commitment to the Quality Planning website. NZPI is proud to have played such a key part in redeveloping QP which offers patrons of the site a user friendly access and interface to its content.

As Leonardo di Vinci once said, a work of art is never finished, only abandoned. So too, QP will never be finished, it is an ongoing and dynamic testimony to the challenging and changing profession of planning.

The QP website will continue to build as a reference point for practitioners over the months to come as the e-newsletter, new guidance notes and QP library are added.

But tonight is about more than the QP website. The website is in some ways just a reflection of an important principle. That principle is collaboration.

There is no doubt in my mind that QP could not have arrived at this point without the willing and voluntary collaboration of MfE, RMLA, LGNZ, NZIS and NZPI.

I look forward to signing the MOU which formalises this very successful partnership and I can only encourage similar collaborations which support our collective members wherever possible.

NZPI is very much open to expanding and deepening its respective relationships with other institutes and government departments.

Finally, the QP website and the MOU are a cause for celebration and congratulations. So let me be one of the first to congratulate all involved in the renaissance of QP and the QP partnership.

A special thanks to those at MfE who have championed QP and its partnership, to our partners who so obviously believe in, and support this great tool and to those who have done all of the work involved, Kate Barker, Kirsty Van Reenan, Kirsty Austin and Susan Houston.

Collectively, you have provided a fitting note on which to end the year. Congratulations to all involved.

Members can access the QP website at