Auckland Student Planners Gain World Wide Recognition

NZPI Planning Students Win Competition Ying Liu and Yuqing Zhou, both student planners studying at Auckland University were two of many entrants who participated in the International Federation of Housing and Planning competition. Entrants from student teams around the world illustrated their visions and design proposals for reinterpreting Garden City principles for the challenges of the 21st Century.

Ying and Yuqings entry ( see below) was selected as one of the 3 final prize winners from the world wide competition. The prizes will be announced and presented during the Opening Ceremony of the Congress in London. NZPI has recognised and applauded the work of Ying and Yuquing as a meritorious achievement and has presented them with a cheque for $1000 to contribute to their travel cost to London. As NZPI student members we support the promotion of planning excellence and this recognition will enhance the profile of the NZ profession.

Congratulations Ying and Yuqing. We look forward to hearing of your success in London.

Bryce Julyan
NZPI Chair

Unlocking a Creative and Multicultural Gargen Community For People and Wildlife

Ying Liu & Yuqing Zhou | School of Architecture and Planning, University of Auckland

The Mangere Enlivening Programme (MEP) addresses the four key 21st century challenges: healthy places and demographic change, climate change, technological and economic change and social justice. The MEP has adopted an overall vision to be implemented within the next 25 years. Below the four challenges are integrated within key changes to Mangere to clearly show the multifunctional and connected garden community ...

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