UPDATE: Regional Relationships Planning & Governance

By Malcolm Douglass

This paper considers the fundamental local government function of regional planning. A summary is published in the December NZPI/PQ article The Tide of Regional
Planning. This more detailed paper takes advantage of an historic overview of local government since 1960. Its purpose is to confirm the fundamental nature and importance of regional planning in the chain of governance. The local government reforms of 1989 and the RMA of 1991 were long overdue and they heralded new structures better suited to the shape of New Zealands urban settlement and the environmental standards for the next century. During the 1980s the government strongly supported the transition from United to Regional councils and the collaboration that encouraged integration of the three levels (central, regional, district) of planning ...

Click here to download the revised "Regional Planning Relationships & Governance" paper (prepared 01 October 2013)*

*Previous version prepared 30 July 2013