Why should you join NZPI and what is the value of full membership? This is what was addressed in Wellington at a Young Planners event last week ...

Three planners and the CEO of the NZPI, Susan Houston, painted different pictures of what being a member has to offer. NZPI is currently working towards hosting similar events throughout the country, so keep an eye out for an event like this in your region.

The Wellington event was well attended and included four speakers: a young planner, a recently approved full member and a senior practitioner spoke from the very different stages in the careers.

First up was Susan Houston (CEO of NZPI) who spoke about NZPIs role in advocating for the planning discipline from a national perspective, opening up networking opportunities and providing learning and development for its members through workshops, learning session and other events.

Next was Robert Schofield (Director/Environmental Planner, Boffa Miskell) who shared his 28 years of experience with NZPI and the value it continues to add to his career. Among other things, he discussed the benefits of professional recognition and the way NZPI membership has broadened his perspectives on planning.

Susan Jones (Senior Planner, Beca) then shared her experience on going through the process of becoming a full member. Her insights on the application process and interview were especially valuable for those in the audience considering pursuing full membership.

Lastly was Felicity Boyd (Analyst, Ministry for the Environment) a passionate young planner that had served on the Wellington NZPI committee for two years and had been a member of NZPI since her last years of University. She spoke of how her NZPI membership helped her to stand out in a competitive employment market.

The picture painted by these four individuals, each in a very different place in their diverse careers, was that NZPI has the potential to transform ones career, open up social networks, enhance their understanding of the planning environment and advocate for the industry whilst exposing them to the latest planning and resource management breakthroughs.