NZPI Wellington Branch - Love Your Coast

The Wellington Branch ended its year of successful events with a beach clean-up.

The clean-up, attended by 14 people (including members and families), was organised by Sustainable Coastlines and was part of a wider Love Your Coast clean-up and education tour. – see

Sunday 1st December dawned bright and clear, but windy (it is Wellington after all) and we met our Sustainable Coastlines organiser for a 9am start at Shelly Bay. Racquel turned out to be a leggy blond from Minnesota with a passion for the environment. She gave us gloves, sacks and a sense of purpose. We spent the next few hours combing the rocky shores of the Miramar Peninsula between Scorching Bay and Shelly Bay, picking up all kinds of rubbish. We also had to dodge runners in a Triathlon / Duathlon series, and no doubt we looked like a prison detail to casual passers-by.

By the time it ended, we had picked up an astounding 750 litres of rubbish. Racquel then had the job of taking the sacks to a sorting centre where the Sustainable Coastlines staff categorise the trash and weigh it. At the time of writing, the results for 2013 aren’t yet in, but the 2012 Wellington event involved over 3,000 people, and collected 33,000 litres (2,760kg) of coastal rubbish. You can find anything and everything on the coastline. We could have dressed a person (shoes, socks, sunglasses, other clothing), feed them (leftover takeaways), put them to bed (an electric blanket), and provided for their spiritual needs ( a plastic shrine to Ganesh).

After the efforts of the morning, we headed off to the Gasworks pub in Miramar for well-earned lunch and refreshment. Huge thanks to everyone who came, especially those who persuaded family members to join in.