FROM THE CEO - New Structure Boosts NZPI Capability

As we begin 2014, NZPI members can look forward to the organisation’s increased capability and greater emphasis on learning programmes thanks to our new structure.

Over the past five years the NZPI has grown extensively. Membership has increased more than 20 per cent, CPD programmes have almost tripled in number and the NZPI conference has attracted an increasing number of attendees. All this has led to increased expectations from members and greater demands on the NZPI team.

In order to deliver on the NZPI’s strategic plan the Board considered and endorsed an improved structure to better serve members. The new structure increases NZPI’s capacity to deliver more services to members.

We have disestablished the Deputy CEO and CPD/Events administrator positions, one of which was vacant as a result of a resignation late last year. I would like to acknowledge the service of Barry Williams and Aaron Beckett who have left NZPI, and wish them well in the future.

We have created a new structure with three new permanent roles – Events Manager, Operations Manager and Learning Manager. These roles will deliver significant benefits for members and signal the organisation’s emphasis on stepping up to the plate to deliver improved business and administration support, as well as outstanding learning programmes and events. 

  • Events Manager – This role encompasses the delivery of the NZPI Conference, which will undergo a step change in the future, YP Congress and the Environmental Compliance Conference as well as the logistics around the CPD workshops around the country …

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  • Learning Manager – This role will lead the growth of the CPD programme and changes to the programme based on feedback from members ...

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  • Operations Manager – This role will support the CEO by managing the organisation’s operational tasks.

We are currently recruiting for the Events & Learner Manager positions, the Operation Manager position has just been filled – we’ll keep members updated on progress.

In the meantime, if you have a query about events, please contact Susan Houston . If you have a query about the CPD programme please contact Kirsten Bird

The new structure brings with it great opportunities for the organisation and signifies an exciting future for the NZPI. It’s a great note on which to begin 2014.

Happy New Year to you all.

Susan Houson