Congratulations Claire Lindsay! Elected New National YP Rep

Chair of NZPI, Bryce Julyan announced the new national YP Rep during his opening speech at the NZPI Mountains to the Sea Conference in Queenstown today.  The Chair congratulated the new representative Claire Lindsay, from Canterbury/Westland Branch.  Bryce also thanked outgoing YP national representative Perri Duffy for her contribution over the past two years ...

Introducing Claire ...

My name is Claire Lindsay and I am based in Christchurch working as a Project Advisor in the Central City Development Unit of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority.  Prior to this role (which I started only this week) I was a Planner with Beca in Christchurch.  I am very excited about taking on the role of the National Young Planners (YP) Representative (Rep).  I am particularly excited about getting to know all of the young planners around the country!

Firstly, I would like to point out the obvious – being that I have very large shoes to fill that have been left behind by Perri Duffy.  Perri took on the role of the National Rep with an abundance of enthusiasm and this continued throughout her two-year term.  As one of the Regional Young Planners Reps I would like to thank Perri for her open-mindedness, patience and endurance during her time as the National Rep.

There are many ambitions I would like to achieve while in this role, however, to kick things off I have briefly summarised my aims using bullet points.  This is not to say that these things are not currently occurring, these matters are just areas I see great potential.

  • Form connections across the branches
    • I aspire to make sure that all young planners across New Zealand are aware of the work of their peers. What kind of planning issues are they facing? What is being a planner in that part of the country like?  To assist this aim I propose to provide a monthly ‘blog’ style update to all YP’s.  The update will hopefully feature interesting articles on the happenings in the world of planning in New Zealand and abroad (e.g. new theories, large developments, success stories).  Further, I would hope this update will be easy to read (and provide a good break from work!).
    • I will be striving to form strong connections between the young planners of the branch and other branch members.  One way of doing this I believe could be to encourage young planners to play host at least once a year and invite the other branch members along to an event they have organised and run.

  • Collaboration
    • During my time as the Canterbury / Westland Regional YP Rep I developed strong connections with the young members of the Canterbury New Zealand Institute of Architects and New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects.  Together we have hosted a number of joint events (namely the Pecha Kucha speaking series).  Given our professions generally operate in the same multi-disciplinary environment I see benefits in forming these connections.  I would like to see these connections established on a national level.  I believe one way we could achieve this would be through the development of an events calendar that could be shared between all of these institutes.  By collaborating on events we will be able to provide a wide variety of top quality events that will be attended by a variety of people.

  • Involvement
    • I want to ensure all NZPI Young Planner events are well attended and one way I think we can do this is to collaborate with other branches to find out what events have been successful for them.  This is in addition to what I have mentioned above about collaboration with other institutes.  I believe people are enticed to attend institute events if they offer the potential for them to meet people, learn something and ultimately be inspired.

  • For the benefits of being an NZPI member to be visible and accessible
    • I will strive to ensure that sure all young planners are fully aware of what is offered to members of NZPI so they have the knowledge to reap the benefits of being part of a reputable and supportive institute (including the all-important information on how to become a registered planner with NZPI).  

I look forward to working with and meeting as many NZPI members (as possible) over the coming weeks and months.