Database of Expertise

As members might recall, in 2011 NZPI called for expressions of interest from  senior members of the institute interested in being included in a database of expertise.  The subsequent database has enabled the Board over the past three years  to identify skillsets /areas of interest and nominate appropriate candidates wherever  NZPI representation on various panels/committees has been sought.

The database is now in need of review and we seek your help in achieving that review.  Specifically, if you have previously expressed your interest in being included on the database  and would like to remain on the database or alternately if you would like to be removed from the database then all you need do is advise of your preference by email.  

If however you are a full member and would like to be added to the database then could you please fill in the below form and email it along with your curriculum vitae before the 15 May, 2014.

In all cases the relevant email contact is

In anticipation of your cooperation, many thanks.