CAP Food Security Report

Perspectives on Planning for Agriculture and Food Security in the Commonwealth

Dr. Wayne Caldwell and Kelsey Lang
University of Guelph

Planning for food security in the Commonwealth is a unique task that covers many subjects, faces many challenges, and has many inspiring opportunities for success. A number of perspectives on these challenges and opportunities are covered in this document. These topics are evolving and represent a snap-shot in time. This compilation of documents contains a top ten list of tools and strategies that any Commonwealth planner could use to move forward in planning for food security. This is followed by five info-sheets to give the basic facts about five tools Commonwealth Planners could use in their practice. These tools are discussed in more depth in the case studies, where each tool is brought to life with the details of a practical example. Finally, this is all brought together in a literature review which contextualizes the planning issues surrounding food security ....

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