NZPI Membership Category Review Survey

The Board of NZPI is seeking your views on a number of issues relating to the current membership structure of NZPI. Please see the below Background Paper for details of those issues.

Please note that this survey relates to the categories only. It does not focus on the CPD requirements to transition between categories or maintain membership. This will be the subject of review when the categories themselves have been determined.

The results of the current survey will be used to guide the NZPI Board in its thinking on any proposed changes to the existing categories so it is important to participate and encourage others to participate.

The survey will be open for participation until the 31 August, it can be accessed here:

Please note that in completing the survey you will be eligible to claim 5 CPD points. Simply add it to your CPD profile which sits under your dashboard on the NZPI website once you have completed the survey.