Chair and CEO meet with Hon Bill English

The Chair of NZPI, Bryce Julyan and CEO, Susan Houston were recently invited to meet with the Hon Bill English following recent media commentary regarding the relationship of planning and affordable housing.

The discussion proved fruitful with both parties committing to an ongoing dialogue around planning and the role that it plays in facilitating growth and development. It was timely as it coincided with the release of the Productivity Commission’s issues paper “Using land for housing”, which is seeking comment on ways to improve how local government makes land available for housing (submissions close on 22 December). The discussion highlighted the complexity of the issues (more than simply land supply) and the need for specific information and research that could better inform the discussion on affordability.

As a result of the meeting NZPI are optimistic that the Minister and his staff were genuinely interested in learning more about the role of planning and planners. NZPI will look to work with the Ministry and other interested parties to identify and initiate appropriate research that can be used to inform a more collaborative debate around affordable housing and the role of planning can play in that.