NZPI Board Elections 2015

The NZPI called for nominations for Board positions earlier this month. As a result of that call the following nominations were received:

South Island (two vacancies)

Gary Rae and Keith Hovell

Wellington (one vacancy)

Sarah Jenkin

Central North Island (two vacancies)

Andrea Harris

Luke O'Dwyer

Todd Whittaker

Auckland/Northland (three vacancies)

Orchid Atimalala

Julie Bevan

Bryce Julyan

Graeme McCarrison

Karyn Sinclair

Elections Underway

Elections are only held where the number of nominations within that electorate exceed the number of vacancies. This is the case in the Auckland/Northland electorate and the Central North Island electorate. All Full and financial members of the Institute within the above electorates have been invited to cast their vote electronically before 6th March 2015.


Congratulations to Keith Hovell, Gary Rae and Sarah Jenkin who have been unopposed in their nominations.