MEDIA RELEASE: Auckland to Unveil 3D Digital Plan

20 February 2015

Auckland’s Chief Planner will unveil a 3D Digital Commons Plan for the city at a national planning conference in April.

It will be the first announcement of a 3D map to integrate Auckland’s planning and infrastructure services and will take place at NZPI’s Back to the Future 2015 national conference.

Auckland Council Chief Planning Officer Dr Roger Blakeley will deliver his keynote speech ‘The Auckland Story’ and detail the plans for the 3D map development during the conference on April 15.

It is the story of how Ngati Whatua kicked off Auckland planning with the sale of the city to Governor Hobson, and the subsequent series of visionary planners who brought us to the Super City and beyond ...

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Read an NZPI exclusive interview with Dr Roger Blakeley here.